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A&B Meat Wholesale specializes in supplying a full range of fresh poultry products to the food service industry. Whether you require whole birds, sized/weighed, or custom cut products, small or large quantity - We have the capacity to accommodate your requirements.

Products include:

Whole Birds

  • Fryer Chicken (3-4 lbs)
  • BBQ Fryer (1-1.2kg)
  • Whole Fryer custom cut (4 cut, 9 cut etc)
  • Whole Fryer Debone – Chicken Ballentine
  • Split Whole Chicken

Breast Meat

  • Boneless / Skinless Breast Meat
  • Boneless Breast Meat - Skin On
  • Whole Breast : Bone-In, Skin-On
  • Split Breast : Bone-In, Skin-On
  • Split Breast : Bone-In, Skin-Off
  • Chicken Supreme – 7oz and up

    Available as: Sized Portions, Cubed, Butterfly, Super Trim (no fat), Tender Removed

Chicken Wings

  • Wingette - No Tip, No Drumstick
  • Split Wings
  • Whole Wings

    Sized and roaster wings available

Leg Meat

  • Whole Legs
  • Back Attached Legs (Quarter Legs)
  • Boneless / Skinless Leg Meat
  • Boneless / Skin-on Leg Meat

    Available as:Cubed, Strip, Supertrim (no fat)

Thigh Meat

  • Bone-In / Skin-On Thigh 
  • Boneless / Skin-On Thigh Meats
  • Boneless / Skinless Thigh Meats


Available as: Cubed, Supertrim (no fat)

Other Cuts

  • Chicken Tenders
  • Chicken Chunk Meat
  • Drumsticks